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RIO's Blu in 3D
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I want to thank you for reading my site. Without you it would not exist. As the Fall comes I will keep on doing Reviews and Takes of new components. As for now I am working on a CLZ Movie Collection Review. I have tested others and this is by far my favorite way to keep my collection on my Laptop (PC), iPad and Smartphone. READ NOW!!!

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4K Resolution SONY 1100ES
I would like to thank Linda K. Rodriguez (---- >
our Mom in the back row)
for doing the best she could raising us. Though
ALS may have slowed her
physically her mental toughness was always with her. I pray that I am half as strong as she was. They say after the storms comes the rainbows. I am sure she is resting peacefully in the sun. Though she is gone she will never be forgotten. I love you Mom! Rest in Peace...

In memory of our HONDO who at the young age of 5 left us so suddenly and way to soon. I am sure he is happily howling somewhere pain free. Miss you everyday!!!    2011-2016
The Dark Knight image above was taken on the SONY VPL-VW5000ES

The Dark Knight 4K played with the Sony 5000ES and Oppo 203.
 I've never had an Anthem product in my theater   until today. I was curious and excited to set up   the AVM 90 this late afternoon/early evening. I   immediately did my three favorite movie tests   and it passed with flying colors! My full report is   now complete. Read how it went doing speaker   calibration using their mic and software. 


I also have two terrific Datasat RA7300 7 channel   Amps which had a MSRP of 14K each! These are   some of the best Amps I have owned. Check them   out here:

Mila, Raelynn and             Baby Dallas!

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I am very excited to announce a new Review from JVC (yes- you read that right.) It's their new DLA-NZ9/RS4100 Laser 8K Projector. It's been a long time since I had a JVC here so this has been very interesting and very fun! Find out why it is not leaving my ceiling...

JVC NZ9 8K Projector with Envy Extreme Video Processor.
Meet the newest Mcintosh MX180 AV Processor. They say it is for the Home Theater of today and tomorrow. Review finished!
The SONY VPL-XW5000ES REVIEW coming very soon. I just learned I have one on route and will be in my hands soon. Very excited to their new entry level Laser model with their X1 Ultimate flagship image processing with 2000 lumens! Also coming with their new native SXRD panel. This new projector model design reminds me of my old Sony Ruby. More to come very soon...
Also coming soon is the SONY VPL-XW7000ES Review. This model sports 3200 Lumens with X1 Ultimate Flagship image processing with A new native  SXRD panel. How will it compare to the JVC NZ9? I can't wait to answer that. SONY has add a new Object-based Super Resolution that detects individual objects and enhances each one for exceptional accuracy and detail. This could be their most advanced projector ever released. This Fall will be historical...
Outdoor Movie Nights have never been more enjoyable. So easy to set up and very cost effective. I will go over tips and how to set it up and take it down in minutes! Check it out!